Sunday, December 5, 2010

Covers from Italy 1

This cover I received on 26th December 2009, which was send to me by Denegri Andrea from Genova, Italy. The post mark on the cover is first day cancellation to commemorate the Christmas of 2009 and the stamps are Christmas 2009 stamps. The stamp displaying Jesus , Mary and Joseph is a painting by Domenico Piola , who was a Genoese painter of the Baroque period.

 This cover also I received from Denegri Andrea from Genova, Italy on 02.06.2010. Stamp display dispaly Rock art in the valley camoniea, which is considered as the world heritage, in the North Italy. The post mark displays Raffaele Rubattino (1810-1881), who was an Italian businessman and one of the fathers historical naval armaments business, which proceeded from the Italian port of Genoa. 

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