Monday, May 24, 2010

Some old covers of India

This cover issued on 14th  December 1961 to commemorate Centenary of Archaelogical Survey of India. This cover was canceled  at Bombay.

This cover issued on 30th  December 1977 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of October Revolution. Stamp displays Kremlin Tower and Soviet Flag.This FDC was cancelled at Coimbatore HO.

This cover issued on 1st  October 1962 to commemorate the Wild Life Week.The stamp displays Indian Rhinoceros. This FDC was cancelled at Bombay GPO.

This cover issued on 10 November 1979 to commemorate Internation Children's Book fair, New Delhi. This FDC was cancelled at Trivandrum.

This cover issued on 31st  October 1985 to commemorate the 1st death Anniversary of Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India (3rd Issue). This FDC was cancelled at Bangalore
This cover issued on 30th  December 1958 to commemorate India 1958 Exhibition, New Delhi. The stamp displays the  Exhibition Gate. This FDC was cancelled at Madras.

This cover issued on 28th  June 1966. The stamp displays Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Sikh Ruler & Warrior). This FDC was cancelled at Bombay GPO.

This cover issued on 15th  May 1973 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of  Indian Mountaineering Foundation. The stamp displays  Mount Everest. This cover was canceled at Trivandrum GPO. 

 This cover issued on 1th  January 1969 to commemorate the  130th Birth Anniversary of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee ( Writer ).This cover was issued at Trivandrum HO

This cover issued on 11th June 1967 from Trivandrum. The stamp displays  Maharana Pratap (Rajput Leader).

ThreeCovers from Slovenia

These are the covers I received from Miran Adam (Mirch) from Slovenia. All these covers have a classical touch and so beautiful

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post Card from USA 1

The following is the post card I received from USA by Steve Donovan
 New York City, New York
Bird's-eye view of Manhattan and harbor.Beautiful and inspiring, this wondrous city is one of the largest city in the world. Lot of visitors visiting this city from all over the world.
Photo: by James Blank
Back of the Post card
 Stamps and Post mark on the card

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

PC from Rimini, Italy

This is the Post Card I received on 15th day of May 2010. It was send by Gianfranco Prelati ( Jan 80 ) from Rimini, Italy

Face of the PC
Back of the PC
This card was send on 06.05.2010 on the first day of issuing Railway stamps at Italy. So the First day post mark also stamped on the card
Post Mark
Stamp fixed on the card 1
Stamp fixed on the card 2

Friday, May 14, 2010

Astrological Signs Maxim Card


Friday, May 7, 2010

Taiwan Formosan Blue Magpie MS

Formosan Blue Magpie MS

The Formosan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea) is a member of the Corvidae family. It is also known as the Taiwan Magpie or the "long-tailed mountain lady". The Formosan Blue Magpie is an endemic species that can only be found in the mountains and lowland broadleaf forests of Taiwan. It is the national bird of Taiwan, however, this has never been formally accepted.

The Formosan Blue Magpie is a fairly large sized bird with a body length of approximately 64 cm or 25 inches, including the span of its long tail which consists of half of its total length. Males and females look alike. The head, neck, and breast are black, while the rest of the feathers are a rich blue, except for white markings on the wings, and black and white segmented markings on the tail. The bill, legs and feet are a bloody red. The eyes are yellow.
The breeding season is April to August.   A social breeder; their shallow nests are constructed of twigs, placed in tall trees.  Clutch size 4–7 eggs.
Formosan Magpies feed on a variety of foods, including fruits, insects, lizards, snakes, bird's eggs, birds, and small mammals.  They especially like papayas, persimmons, and other fruits, when they can find them. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cover from Brazil

Chinara's cover to my address from Brazil

Monday, May 3, 2010

Solomon Islands America's Cup

 The Official 1987 America's Cup Postage Stamps
  The America’s Cup is a trophy awarded to the winner of the America's Cup sailing regatta match, and the oldest active trophy in international sport. The following are the stamps of Solomon Islands based on the winner of America's cup:

1. Intrepid (America's Cup Winner 1967)
2. Intrepid (America's Cup Winner 1970)
3. Courageous (America's Cup Winner 1974)
4.Crusader Britain (Potential Challenger 1987)
5. Sail America USA (Potential Challenger 1987)
1. Colombia (America's Cup Winner 1899)
2. Colombia (America's Cup Winner 1901)
3. Reliance (America's Cup Winner 1903)
4. Kookaburra Australia ( Potential Defender 1987)
5 Eagle USA (Potential Challenger 1987)
1. Royal Perth Yacht Club (Defending Club 1987)
2. Australia III (Potential Defender 1987)
3. Australia II (America's Cup Winner 1983)
4. Courageous (America's Cup Winner 1977)
5 Freedom (America's Cup Winner 1980)
1. French Kiss Franch (Potential Challenger 1987)
2. Heart of America (Potential Challenger 1987)
3. British Cup Course 1851
4. Mischief (America's Cup Winner 1881)
5 Madeleine (America's Cup Winner 1876)
1. America (Cup Winner 1851)
2. Magic (America's Cup Winner 1870)
3. Columbia (America's Cup Winner 1871)
4. America II (Potential Challenger 1987)
5 America's Cup
1.Rainbow (America's Cup Winner 1934)
2.Ranger (America's Cup Winner 1937)
3.Columbia (America's Cup Winner 1958)
4.Secret Cove ( Potential Challenger 1987)
5 Courageous III USA (Potential Challenger 1987)
1.Azzurra Italy (Potential Challenger 1987)
2. France (Potential Challenger 1987)
3. Western Aust. Cup Course 1987
4. Weatherly (America's Cup Winner 1962)
5 Constellation (America's Cup Winner 1964)
1.Italia Italy (Potential Challenger 1987)
2. True North Canada (Potential Challenger 1987)
3. American Cup Course 1964 - 83
4. Resolute (America's Cup Winner 1920)
5 Enterprise (America's Cup Winner 1930)
1.Puritan (America's Cup Winner 1885)
2.Mayflower (America's Cup Winner 1886)
3.Volunteer (America's Cup Winner 1887)
4.South Australia ( Potential Defender 1987)
5 KA14 Australia ( Potential Defender 1987)
1.St. Francis IX USA (Potential Challenger 1987)
2.New Zealand II (Potential Challenger 1987)
3. American Cup Course 1930 - 62
4. Vigilant (America's Cup Winner 1893)
5 Defender (America's Cup Winner 1895)