Monday, February 15, 2010

Malaysia Miniature Sheet 4

Malaysian Fruits
Ceri Terengganu (Lepisanthes Alata): The tree produces fruit throughout the year. The fruits are arranged closely in a big bunch of cluster of which each bunch consists of about 20 fruits. The fruits, about 2cm - 3 cm in width are dark red, shiny and round with pointed tip. Each fruit contains 1-3 pieces of seeds and its flesh is soft and tastes fairly sweet. The tree is small but can reach medium height. Jentik-Jentik (Baccaurea Polyneura): The trees are large, reaching up to more than 30 meters in height while the fruits are borne in large and long clusters hanging down from the branches. A bunch contains up to 10-20 fruits that are small in size with 2 cm in width and 2.5 cm in length and are orange in color. The skin is hard and brittle and is easily broken when clicked with fingers. The flesh, consisting of 1-3 segments is shiny and dark orange in color with sweet and acidic taste. The tree is seasonal, produce flowers and fruits only once a year.


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